• Kevin McElvany

    We are an European organisation for the rescue of people in distress in the Mediterranean Sea.

    To continue our operations to save lives, we rely on your donations.

  • Anthony Jean

    We rescue lives at sea.

    Since 2016 we assisted saved more than 27.000 at sea.

  • Anthony Jean

    We protect and assist.

    On board all rescued receive professional assistance and care.

  • Anthony Jean

    We testify.

    And give the stories and hopes of those rescued a face.




UPDATE: The Aquarius will be the only NGO ship active at sea after the NGO ProActiva’s Open Arms ship was seized by Italian authorities in Pozzallo, reducing an already insufficient capacity of life-saving SAR resources available on the deadliest maritime migratory route in the world. SOS MEDITERRANEE expresses its solidarity to the rescuers of Open Arms *** ... Mehr sehenWeniger sehen

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